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Now available:

IGBT Driver ID2-HB and ID-S


Suitable for 1200V-IGBTs

High output power

Extensive diagnostic functions

Easy embedding

Small construction space

Developed and manufactured in Germany

Key Specifications

Suitable for IGBTs and MosFets

Applicable for 2-level, 3-level (NPC, Floating Point capacitor) and multilevel (MMC) converters

Direct and half-bridge mode

Inserted deadtime: no deadtime (direct mode), 500ns – 4.5μs (half-bridge mode)

Gate-drive voltage: +15V/-8V (nominal parameters)

Gate-drive power: 4W for each core

High peak output current: ±35A

Switching frequencies up to 100kHz

Delay duration: < 160ns

Minimum input pulse: 50ns

Carrier-Board for IGBT Driver

IGBT Carrier-board

Carrier-board for ID2-HB-A-12-35-D-xx

Designed for 3-phase 2-level converters

Plurality different IO-interface realised

Connectable to any power semiconductor

No application-specific board design required

Reduce the Time-to-Market

Developed and manufactured in Germany

Key Specifications

Suitable for IGBT- and MosFet-converters

Driving 3 half-bridges (6 Driver channels in sum)

Electrical or optical interface between ECU and driver board

Electrical IO-interface (3.3V to 15V logic level)
– Up to 6 inputs
– Up to 3 outputs
– Up to 1 SerCom (One-Wire Connection)

Optical IO-Interface POF-based, wavelength 630-685nm (red), connector compatible to HFBR4501 or HFBR4503
– Up to 6 inputs
– Up to 3 outputs
– Up to 1 SerCom (optical)

FOSpy Signal Converter

FOSpy - Fiberoptical Adapter

Adapter for bidirectional coupling of electrical and optical signals

Electrical signal >> Optical signal

Optical signal >> Electrical signal

Looping into an existing optical connection for signal analysis

Application scenarios

Control of converter systems

Control of converter systems for test purpose (for example for measuring switching losses) with a frequency generator

Data acquisition at converter systems
Analysis of decentralized AD converters whose measurement data are transmitted optically

Verification of the control system
Functionality of all optical signal can be verified without the target system

Triggering of measuring devices
Fully galvanically decoupled triggering by an optical connection


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