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Electronics development – prototype and serial production

Customised Hardware Development

Maximum efficiency, high energy density on the smallest installation space – produced particularly economically. These are the specifications that we have for development orders. These are the principles according to which we implement projects for renowned customers around the world!


  • Circuit development and design
  • Circuit simulation and test
  • Layout generation
  • Designs for setup and connection technology (hybrid / ceramics substrate, PCB, IMS, punching grid, bonded connections, bare die, etc.)‏
  • Housing and module construction
  • Power loss calculation and thermal analysis
  • Execution of circuit-FMEAs
  • Execution of system tests under different framework conditions (vibration, voltage variation, temperature …)
  • Consideration of the effects of serial scatter on product properties and reliability
  • Lifetime tests and aging analyses
  • Support for analysis of failed parts
  • EMC-compatible design

Development focuses

  • Microcontroller systems (8-, 16-, 32-Bit embedded microcontrollers)
  • Power electronics (voltage converters, frequency inverters / inverters)
  • Electrical drives (e-motor, control and power electronics)
  • Controls for LED lighting modules / spotlights
  • Communications modules (CAN, LIN, PWM, SENT, SPI, IIC …)
  • Operating and display systems
  • General industrial controls
  • Sensors

Special expertise

  • Draft of electronics modules for high ambience temperatures (>150 °C)
  • Electronics modules with very high power and integration densities
  • Circuit design for high currents ( >300 A)
  • Design for high vibration loads (>20 g)
  • Design of electronic drive systems with particularly high efficiency
  • Simulation of dynamically occurring power loss and calculation / simulation of thermal conduct
  • Cost-optimised and robust design
  • Support of ASIC-developments
  • Holistic analysis of mechatronic systems
  • Long-term experience in the automotive area