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Electronics development – prototype and serial production

Protoype, Sample and Serial Production

We produce whatever you need – everything from prototypes and samples in the development phase to small and large serial production batches – while fulfilling maximum requirements in terms of product quality and manufacturing processes.


Quality standards

We supply small- and medium-size prototype and sample batches for product development.

We specialise in the production of small- or large-quantity serial runs for customers with particularly high quality requirements. We also offer a comprehensive range of related services – from the management of external suppliers or the production, assembly and 100% inspection of every single product right down to warehousing and logistics of delivery batches.



  • First function sample (automotive: “A-sample”)
  • Testing sample (“B-sample”, adjusted to the available installation space, incl. all functions)
  • Close-to-series sample (zero batch or “C-sample”) support of the pre-series in the later production environment
  • Small batch, e. g. for special device construction

Technical equipment

  • Automated SMD placement on high-speed placement machine
  • High-precision scrapers
  • Modern soldering system (vapour phase)
  • Range of soldering stations with different performance levels ensure optimised soldering process
  • Manufacturing with assembly aids to ensures particular geometrical precision
  • Mechanical workshop (CNC milling …)
  • Electro-optical quality testing