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Electronics development – prototype and serial production

Customised Software Development

We develop software solutions that provide an optimum match for your requirements and hardware. We will be glad to provide whatever you need – anything from industrial applications to complex, safety-relevant projects with the highest documentation and quality requirements!

Software for your project

  • Measurement and control systems
  • Control units for industrial automation purposes
  • Drive and motor control units for positioning system
  • Motor controls for hydraulic systems
  • Lighting technology – for the automotive and non-automotive sector

Development focuses

  • Drive and control procedures for various motor topologies (brushless DC-, PSM-, SR-, and DC-motors)
  • Drive controls (torque, speed, and position controls)
  • Sensor-less and sensor-applied control concepts
  • Model-based design of digital control concepts
  • “Low-cost” drive systems
  • Robust control algorithms for brushless synchronous motors
  • Other measuring, control, and regulation systems
  • Communications modules (CAN, LIN, PWM, SENT, SPI, IIC …)
  • Development of standard modules
  • Control devices from the area of industrial automation

Specialist know-how

  • High utilisation of microprocessor resources for a cost-optimised system solution without performance limitation
  • Implementation / optimisation of “low-cost” drive systems
  • Draft of robust control algorithms for brushless synchronous motors (EC-drives)
  • Model-based controller development and rapid control prototyping during the entire development process (MiL, SiL, HiL-simulation)